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Mumtaz Passenger Transport (MPT) is owned by Transport professionals established in 2014, with the responsibilities of organizing and conducting transport services, vehicle maintenance, supervision of transport operation, consultancy etc. currently operating with a fleet of over 140 vehicles and services executed through two branches within Dubai along with “Mr. Mumtaz Auto Services” and with few other Group of Companies.

Mumtaz Passenger Transport is one of the best transportation companies in Dubai which has grown on the foundation of prompt service, highest quality, safest standard and delighted customers, created through its “customer comes first policy”. In a very short span of time, we have added a number of high profile clients to our portfolio which includes many corporate organizations, hotels, hospitals, schools and colleges.

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    Our team

    Our major product is our team of drivers, whom we have meticulously handpicked as the best for the job and then further extensively trained in-house to achieve and maintain our prime objectives.

    The drivers are all equipped with phones with hands free keeping our drivers in constant contact allows us to monitor their efficiency in upholding our customers consistently and reliably.


    To lead the transport market and considered by the business world as "The Most Trusted Transport Company in U.A.E".

    Customers have the power to choose in this competitive and open market. Our aim is to provide high quality services along with fair and competitive pricing.

    Vehicle Standards

    We maintain our vehicles in immaculate condition and assure that vehicles are always the best brand and models. All our vehicles are the latest models in their segments ensuring safely and comfort at all times.

    In the unlikely event of delayed service due to a technical snag, we immediately deploy our backup system, guaranteeing that our passengers never arrive late.